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Personal Debit Cards

Enjoy the convenience of your own personal debit card.

A Visa Debit card, also known as a Visa check card, is a debit card that works like a check, only better. When you make purchases, the amount is deducted directly from your checking account — but you also enjoy added convenience and security protections.

Pay for all types of purchases quickly and easily.

Just use your Visa Debit card when you are ready to pay. It works fast, so there's no need to write checks or fumble for change. Plus, you'll save on trips to the ATM and can leave your checkbook at home.

It's Everywhere You Want To Be®

Because it's accepted at millions of places worldwide, you can use it for nearly anything, including:

  • Monthly bills
  • Dining
  • Fast food
  • Retail merchandise
  • Groceries
  • Movie tickets
  • Prescriptions
  • Gas and automotive services
  • Internet/online purchases
  • Phone orders

More Information:

  • Dollar limit per business day or weekend for both ATM and VISA Check Card…$750.00
  • On premise—ATM Transactions…Free
  • On premise inquiry…Free
  • Off premise transaction…$1.00
  • Off premise inquiry…50¢
  • Card replacement…$9.95
  • Re-issue of personal identification code each time…$1.00
  • Point of sale purchase…Free
  • Monthly Fee...$1.00 - per statement cycle; per account

Did you know your debit card comes with a watch dog?

Because debit fraud is serious business, we’re watching out for you.

Watch Dog

Because debit fraud is serious business, we’re watching out for you.

FraudWatch Plus

You may not know it, but you have round-the-clock protection against the increasingly savvy perpetrators of debit card fraud. That’s because the debit cards we issue are protected by FraudWatch PLUS.

Through an important partner of ours we provide industry leading technology, tools and the expertise to manage fraud. Experienced fraud analysts work around the clock, watching for any suspicious card activity and will contact you immediately if they detect potential fraud on your card.

So, if you ever get a call from “Fraud Prevention Services” know that our watchdogs are doing their job and preventing potential fraudulent use of your card. Also remember, if FraudWatch calls you…they have your info. Never give account information over the phone.

Fraud is serious business, and can hit anytime. That is why we are always on guard to detect and prevent fraud from happening to you.

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